Friday, December 7, 2012

Inexpensive Hostess/Teacher Gifts

Lately I have had this "need" to craft! Not sure why or where it's coming from but everything in my house is subject to being painted or repurposed. For now, I'm sticking with picture frames left over from the Art Party. I plan to give them as teacher gifts and have already sold a few ($7) to co-workers for the same purpose. These are the $1 frames from Michaels. Super easy to do, not very time consuming (i like immediate results) and I haven't had to buy a single thing this time around! I think they turned out great; what do you think? Suggestions? 

Great Hostess Gifts for all your holiday parties this season too! Just add some cardstock in the center with a personalized note of thanks!

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Paint Party! {A Hip Hostess Event}

Arts and Crafts Party!
This birthday party was the most fun to plan, easy to decorate and the kids had an absolute blast!
Take a look:

The birthday girls splatter painted table cloths and paper for the entry doors and table cloths.
Splatter painted tree limbs and wooden skewers made for some easy to do, eye catching, decor!

We used skewers for fruit and Rice Krispie treat snacks and mini ham, turkey, and cheese sandwiches.  Instead of plates, we used cone cups for the kids to fill with chocolate covered pretzels, Fruit Loops, Trix, M&M's, colored Goldfish, Gummie worms, and Cosmic Brownies. Basically, any snack food you can think of that's bright and colorful!

For the Arts and Crafts.....

The girls decorated handheld mirrors with heart shaped stickers, rhinestones, and paint pens.
We set up an art studio outside along the fence with lots of canvases and blank wooden picture frames, tons of brushes and every kind of washable paint we could find.

 Some of the Masterpieces.....

The kids had a great time! Funny Face pic below :-)

And for the favors...we did personalized, hand printed, splatter painted tubes with a set of colored pencils and erasers. Of course they also went home with all of their artwork. They were dying to figure out where to hang all of their new designs!

This party was a blast! from the concept to the design and the execution...I think we loved throwing it as much as the kids enjoyed participating.
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Party Submission! The Hungry Caterpillar {A 1st Birthday Celebration}

I had the pleasure of talking to Kim about her fabulous, oh so colorful, Hungry Caterpillar party for her adorable 1 year old. Take a minute and look at all the details. You will love the Hungry Caterpillar, too! Thanks Kim for letting us share! Happy 1st Birthday, Preston!


Inspiration:  The Hungry Caterpillar was one of my favorite books as a child and it was on of the first books that I purchased for Preston. His baby book is also in the hungry caterpillar theme. I loved the colors and patterns in the book and thought it would make a fun, colorful party.  I used the book as my inspiration and as well as pinterest! Pinterest has the best ideas!

 Favors: Preston's party favors included bubbles, gold fish and fruit snacks. We also had a candy bar set up with gummy caterpillars and caterpillar food (runts)

 Favorite memory from the dayCreating Preston's time capsule. I made a time capsule box that includes a newspaper from his big day. Time and People magazines from his birthday month, his first pair of shoes, notes and cards from family and friends, his first paci, and a keepsake copy of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." I also made a list of popular songs, movies, shows, the price of gas, and various other things. I am also going to include his birthday shirt and hat, as well as pictures from his first birthday. My plan is for him to open his time capsule on his 18th birthday.
Another craft I really enjoyed making was the birthday tree I made and displayed on the favor table. I used a large branch and clipped to it pictures I took of him each month of his first year. The pictures were clipped with clothes pins with red and greens pom poms glued to them to look like caterpillars


Menu: The menu included hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and dip, and pasta salad. For sweets, we had cake, sugar cookies in the hungry caterpillar theme, trix krispies, and fruit caterpillars (green grapes and strawberries)



Preston's Family
Thanks for letting me share Preston's first birthday party! I had a blast planning and creating it. I cannot wait to plan his next birthday party!

~You can check out Kim's full photos HERE! 

Vendor Credits:
Cake: Shelby Lynn's cake shoppe (
Preston's birthday shirt: (
The signs, stickers and invitations were purchased from various shops on etsy and then printed by my husband at his print shop (
pictures taken by Aimee at   
the crafts and tablescape was created by me (Preston's mommy)
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Memo Tiles {Crafted by The Hip Hostesses} Giveaway

Have you seen these? Do you know what they are?

Mine sits on my kitchen counter and holds this cute little quote. "You are right, it does look like her Facebook picture". (which makes me laugh every time I see it)

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Hip Hostess~ Everything For, About, and Designed for Modern Hostesses

  Kim and I have been going back and forth as to where, what, and how we want The Hip Hostess to be. This has taken years to come about. We both work full time, we both have kids, and we both are very involved in other commitments.

We are streamlining everything, which we are so excited about.

So, What is The Hip Hostess?

* A gathering place for everything dealing with Hostesses from gifts, to attire, to design and food.

* A collaboration of our handmade items.

* Personally designed and executed Hip & Modern Soirees which The Hip Hostess participated in.

* Our idea of what a "Hip Hostess" is!

We are asking you to continue to follow us throughout this new journey and please suggest, comment and let us know you are here

Welcome to The Hip Hostess~ Everything For, About, and Designed for Modern Hostesses

Ashley & Kim 
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Social Media~ What to choose?

There are so many social media outlets floating around it 
makes my head spin trying to 
keep up with them all.

So, I have decide to streamline them 
down to four!

Are you on any of these?
What is your favorite?

Come follow us!
Instagram: amiskel

Twitter: thehiphostesses (Ashley)
           SKYhappygrl (Kim)

Facebook: The Hip Hostess

Pinterest: The Hip Hostess (Ashley)

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Flashback Friday~A Bachelorette Party Post~

I have been trying to keep up with the blog more. It's becoming therapy for me, compiling post, looking through old pictures and making notes of how I would have changed the styling of an event today.

Our most popular posts have been Bachelorette parties according to our stats!
So, here is a Flashback Friday, Bachelorette Party Post!

What do you think of when you think Bachelorette?
WILD, Girls Night, Crazy, FUN, Fancy/Stylish

Here are some party pics from The Hip Hostess Bachelorette Parties, which we have styled! Have fun looking and think of how you would throw a Bachelorette Party!

RULE 1: Make sure to make your Bride to Be STAND OUT~

RULE 2: FEED your Guests, especially if you will be having cocktails and dancing!


RULE 3: Make it stylish, put some thought into it!



Rule 4: HAVE FUN!~

 Are you hosting a Bachelorette Party Soon? We would love to see it. 

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